What does a Slovenian Carinthian do when he realizes he has mistakenly opened up and gone through a package meant for Jörg Haider's daughter? In addition to this situation, which actually occurred to Stefan Hafner, this "documentary about Carinthia" investigates the maze of confusion regarding identity, affiliation and demarcation between Carinthians, Slovenians and Carinthian-Slovenians, and researches various possible meanings of the concept "homeland".

Local Artists 2005
Stefan Hafner, Alexander Binder
Austria 2005
85 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Stefan Hafner
Cinematography Alexander Binder
Editing Karin Hammer
Music Andreas Ammer, Bottervogel, Holger Czukay, Dominik Dusek, Elektroguzzi, Lichtenberg, Martin Gasser, Manfred Hofer, Zoe Irwine, Chris Janka, Michael
With Fam. Hafner, Magda Kropuinig, Rudi Vouk, Marijan Sturm, Jože Wakounig, Bernard Sadovnig, Josef Feldner
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