Fant, pobratim smrti

Boy - The Bloodbrother of Death

An emotionally shattering portrait of the unfulfilled childhood of Anatolij Rizov, a boy caught in between the post-catastrophe condition of his home town Chernobyl and the state of siege in Slovenia during its brief war for independence, where Anatolij is spending summer holidays. Maja Weiss is currently working on an idea and collecting funds to continue this project with Boy - The Bloodbrother of Life, a portrait of Anatolij now thirteen years older.

Tribute 2005
Maja Weiss
Slovenia 1992
67 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Gorazd Perko, Maja Weiss
Cinematography Bojan Kastelic
Editing Sonja Peklenk
With Anatolij Rizov
RTV Slovenija