Family Tour

After several years spent living abroad Lili returns home. Her mother Antonia makes her promise she will spend the next month renewing family ties. This family tour is filled with unexpected meetings. Lili revisits her childhood and confronts her old fears. She sees her present frustrations and limitations which she has inherited. She realizes that childhood events are still echoing in her adult life. Seemingly innocent relationships become a true catharsis for Lili. The director brought her whole family to the set, to play themselves. The only professional actress was Nuria Gago, who replaced Torres in the part of the protagonist, Lili.

Director's Biography
Liliana Torres, born 1980 in Vic, Spain. She studied cinema at the Catalonia Cinema Studies Centre in Barcelona and at the Santa Monica Art Centre, moving to Mexico City afterwards to study documentary filmmaking. Torres has directed and produced several documentaries and has also worked as a writer and producer. FAMILY TOUR marks her feature directorial debut and was screened at the 61st San Sebastian Film Festival in 2013. // Films: ANTEAYER (2005, short), QUINCE AÑOS (2012, short), FAMILY TOUR (2013)
2014: CROSSING EUROPE Award - Best Fiction Film
Competition Fiction 2014
Liliana Torres
Spain 2013
99 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Liliana Torres
Cinematography Gris Jordana
Editing Aina Calleja
Sound/Sounddesign Agost Alustiza
Music Joana Serrat
With Nuria Gago, Antonia Expósito, Noemí Torres, Manuel Torres, Anabel Molina, Joana Serrat
Escándalo Films C. dels Salvador, 04 08001 Barcelona Spain T +34 933 248 880