False Memories

False Memories investigates China's goal of becoming the world's center of fictional storytelling. The film draws connections between the construction of memories, the means of fictional storytelling and its political impact.

Director's Biography
Michael Simku, Marlene Maier and Ulrich A. Reiterer
Simku (1985, Steyr), Maier (1989, Steyr) and Reiterer (1982, Graz) studied at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna. They previously made “The God of the Labyrinth” (2016; CE'17).
Local Artists 2019
Michael Simku, Marlene Maier, Ulrich A. Reiterer
Austria 2018
22 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Michael Simku, Marlene Maier
Cinematography Ulrich A. Reiterer
Editing Michael Simku, Ulrich A. Reiterer
Music Konrad Politanski
Producer(s) Ulrich A. Reiterer
World Sales
Austrian Rights
World Premiere