Fahrtwind - Aufzeichnungen einer Reisenden

Fair Wind - Notes from a Traveller

I decided to travel without destination. To go east without knowing where I would be the next day. FAIR WIND is about falling in love with the world at first sight. It is obvious that every moment only exists for that one moment, but this is what I realized on my way to Kazakhstan each time I recorded images and sounds. You can be the most perceptive observer and still miss most of these moments. There is nothing spectacular implied, but each of these moments is unique. It is like running around with a butterfly net. 24 frames of random light per second are burned into the film stock’s memory. (Bernadette Weigel)

Director's Biography
BERNADETTE WEIGEL, born 1977 in Vienna, Austria. Took Theater- Film- & Mediastudies at the University Vienna. Since 2000 she also worked as an assistant director for several Austrian art film productions. FAIR WIND – NOTES FROM A TRAVELLER is her first feature length film. It premiered at IFF Rotterdam 2013 and won the award for best documentary at the same year's Diagonale. // Films (selected): MARIE (2009, short), AUS DEM DUNKEL DER ERINNERUNG (2012, short), FAHRTWIND – AUFZEICHNUNGEN EINER REISENDEN (Fair Wind – Notes from a Traveller, 2013)
Austrian Screenings 2013
Bernadette Weigel
Austria 2013
82 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Bernadette Weigel
Cinematography Bernadette Weigel
Editing Alexandra Schneider
Filmakademie Wien Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien Metternichgasse 12 1030 Wien T +43 1 711 55 2902 www.mdw.ac.at
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