Evaporating Borders

An essay in five parts, EVAPORATING BORDERS offers a series of vignettes, poetically guided by the filmmaker’s curious eye and personal reflections. Through the people she encounters along the way, the film dissects the experience of asylum seekers in Cyprus: APLO activist and exile from Iraq is denied asylum within 15 minutes; neo-Nazi fundamentalists roam the streets in an attack on Muslim migrants; activists and academics organize an antifascist rally and clash with the neo-Nazis; 195 migrants drown in the Mediterranean.

Director's Biography
Iva Radivojevic was born in 1980 in Belgrade, Serbia. Before emigrating to the U.S., she lived in Serbia and Cyprus. Her work explores the theme of identity and migration. Radivojevic’s films have been awarded at notable international film festivals. EVAPORATING BORDERS is her first feature length documentary. // Films (selection): MATTHEW 24:14 (2011, short doc), NOBODY CAN PREDICT THE MOMENT OF REVOLUTION (2011, short doc), WE THE PEOPLE HAVE FOUND OUR VOICE (2011, short doc), BEN: IN THE MIND'S EYE (2012, short doc), MIXBA (2012, short doc), EVAPORATING BORDERS (2014, doc)
Competition Documentary 2015
Iva Radivojevic
USA / Cypress 2014
73 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Iva Radivojevic
Cinematography Iva Radivojevic
Editing Iva Radivojevic
Music Alexander Berne, Stian Westerhus, Sandy Brour, Monsieur Doumani
Producer(s) Landon Van Soest, Leandros Savvides (ivaasks Films), Executive Producer Laura Poitras Koproduzent / Co-Producer Alex Primas
ivaasks Films Iva Radivojevic New York United States of America T +1 917 669 75 84 iva@ivaasks.com www.ivaasks.com