Estate Romana

Roman Summer

Salvatore is a lazy Roman set designer. Monica is his assistant, with a small daughter and a mother-in-law who is always trying to take the baby away. Salvatore, working on the set design for a theatre production inspired by Star Wars, adjusts a globe of the world which takes up all the space in his studio, while Monica puts the finishing touches to a few planets. One morning at dawn Rossella turns up unexpectedly, the owner of the house and a research theatre actress since the 70s, she is now a little marginalized and confused. Through the streets of a Rome all wrapped up in preparation for the Jubilee, Salvatore, Monica and Rossella experience a series of interminable adventures.

Tribute · Tribute to Matteo Garrone 2004
Matteo Garrone
Italy 2000
90 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Attilio Caselli, Matteo Garrone
Cinematography Gian Enrico Bianchi
Editing Marco Spoletini
Music Banda Osiris
With Rossella Or, Monica Nappo, Salvatore Sansone, Victor Cavallo
Archimede Srl (gemeinsam mit Bianca Film) 36 Via Barnaba Tortolini 00197 Rom Italien T +39 06 4462605