Einst süsse Heimat - Begegnungen in Transsylvanien

Beyond the Forest – Life in a Dying Culture in Transylvania

A historical documentary about two of the last Saxons and Landlers shot in small Carpathian villages. – Two very humorous, but broken people, who witnessed the disappearance of their own culture. Gerald Igor Hauzenberger has been listening to them for the past six years. No one else has come here. Over the years a friendship has developed and a film portrait of the two has been created, which emotionally describes the history of the last century.

Local Artists 2007
Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
Austria 2006/07
75 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
Cinematography Dominik Spritzendorfer, Marco F. Zimprich
Editing Michael Palm, Gerald Igor Hauzenberger
Golden Girls Filmproduction Fockygasse 33/1 1120 Wien T +43 1 81 05 636 F +43 1 81 05 949 office@goldengirls.at www.goldengirls.at