Eden Lake

“Unlike the possessed/alien kids of many past chillers, the “little terrors” here are simply products of their neglectful/abusive environment, a theme that grounds Eden Lake‘s terrors in the uncomfortably realistic and familiar, and which is hammered home at the finale, which is despairing in more than one way.” (Michael Gingold; Fangoria) “The directorial debut of My Little Eye screenwriter James Watkins achieves a commendable balance of dramatic credibility and psychological intensity that makes his nightmare scenario all the more disturbing. Eden Lake is a grueling, grimly effective British chiller.” (Allan Hunter; Screen International)

Director's Biography
James Watkins, Drehbuchautor und Regisseur seit 10 Jahren. Er schrieb gemeinsam mit Marc Evans das Drehbuch zu My Little Eye (2001), und mit Andrew Upton verfasste er das Skript für Gone (2007) unter der Regie von Ringan Ledwige. Eden Lake ist das Regiedebut von Watkins.

Filme (Auswahl): My Little Eye (Drehbuch, 2001, Regie Marc Evans), Gone (Drehbuch, 2007, Regie Ringan Ledwige)
Nachtsicht | Night Sight 2009
James Watkins
Great Britain / Cayman Islands 2008
90 minutes
Screenplay James Watkins
Cinematography Christopher Ross
Editing Jon Harris
Music David Julyan
With Kelly Reilly, Michael Fassbender, Thomas Gill, Jack O‘Connell, Thomas Turgoose, Jumayn Hunter, James Burrows, Finn Atkins
Produzenten Christian Colson, Richard Holmes Koproduzenten Paul Ritchie Koproduktion Aramid Entertainment (KY) Rollercoaster Films 39 Long Acre London WC2E 9LG Großbritannien