Dziewczyny do wziecia

Girls Ready to Go

Saturday. Once a week three girls try to break away from the monotony of their working class suburban existence. They enter a local train going to the big city, hoping to get some fun. The girls dream about meeting a man and, possibly, marrying one. The girls are not terribly attractive and badly dressed. Two of them have been to the city before and teach the third one the rules of the game. The time is the early seventies and the place is Poland, or, to be precise, The People's Republic of Poland. (Stefan Laudyn)

Panorama Special 2005
Janusz Kondratiuk
Poland 1972
black & white
45 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Janusz Kondratiuk
Music Czesław Niemen
With Ewa Szykulska, Ewa Pielach, Regina Regulska, Jan Stawarz, Jan Mateusz Nowakowski, Zbigniew Buczkowski, Jan Himilsbach, Jadwiga Chojnacka, Iga Cembrzynska, Stanislaw Mikulski
Telewizja Polska