Die Wächterin

The Guardian

For 20 years, the Syrian Orthodox nun Dayrayto has lived on the grounds of a church in Zaz, a dilapidated and abandoned Assyrian village in southeastern Turkey. Ever since the monk died six years ago she has lived alone with her animals. Her presence in the region is a thorn in the side of many local actors. Lately, the situation has been getting worse. Dayrayto, however, made a vow to protect the church and not to leave the holy place, even at the cost of her life. (Tempo Documentary Festival)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Die Wächterin (The Guardian, 2020, doc) - 650 Wörter / Kelime / Words (2016, doc) - Everyday I’m Çapuling (2013, doc) - Wir sitzen im Süden (Based Down South, 2010, doc; CE'11)
Competition Documentary 2021
Martina Priessner
Germany 2020
88 minutes
Turkish / Kurdish / Turoyo
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Martina Priessner
Cinematography Meryem Yavuz
Editing Özlem Sarıyıldız
Sound/Sounddesign Robert F. Kellner
Producer(s) Gregor Streiber, Friedemann Hottenbacher, Martina Priessner
inselfilm produktion
World Sales
inselfilm produktion
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
DOK Leipzig 2020