Día 91

Day 91

DAY 91 is a poetic documentary that narrates the process of migration of people of Hispanic origin. The journey begins with the decision to leave home and move to another country. What motivates people to make this decision? What barriers and obstacles are experienced? What do migrants do on the day they receive their residence permit? Day 91 symbolizes the day after the tourist visa expires in Austria and what happens on the following days. The film shows the complexity and individuality as well as the relatedness of the stories told.

Director's Biography
Elena Catalina Martín Lobera (*1992, Linz) studied Time-based Media at the University of Art and Design Linz. She specialized in the medium of film and video. In her productions she often addresses the topics of society, culture, people, and body.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Día 91 (Day 91, 2021, short) - Mitú y la selva alrededor (Mitú and the Jungle All Around, 2018, doc short) - Des oda Des (2015, video installation)
Local Artists 2023
Elena Catalina Martín Lobera
Austria 2021
41 minutes
Spanish / German
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Juan Miguel Miranda Aguirre
Cinematography Elena Catalina Martín Lobera
Editing Elena Catalina Martín Lobera
Sound/Sounddesign Elena Catalina Martín Lobera, Katharina Pichler
Producer(s) Ariana Victoria Martín Lobera, Juan Miguel Miranda Aguirre
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
XII Festival "Contra El Silencio Todas Las Voces", Mexico, 2022