Dešimt minučių prieš Ikaro skrydį

Ten Minutes before Icarus' Flight

Dešimt Minuciu Prieš Ikaro Skrydi was produced in 1990, shortly before the political changes that entailed the collapse of the Soviet Union and the independence of Lithuania. It was the first film shot in Uzupis, a picturesquely deteriorated old city quarter of Vilnius. People stand in doorways and wait. A toothless Russian drinker sings for the camera, Shalom Aleichem and a partisan song. He imitates German inflection and raises his hand in a Hitler greeting, an intoxicated compendium of Lithuanian history. For a generation of young Lithuanian filmmakers like Adrius Stonys, Valdas Navasaitis and Vytautas Landsbergis this short work had the character of a manifesto and inspired them to make their own film poems with topical references.

Tribute 2008
Arūnas Matelis
Lithuania 1990
10 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Arūnas Matelis
Cinematography Rimvydas Leipus
Editing Danute Cicenaite
Music Faustas Latenas
Studija Nominum Goštauto 2/15 01104 Vilnius Litauen