Der Heimwehträger

The film portrait follows the memories of the exile writer Fritz Kalmar (1911-2008) from his early childhood up to the present of the film recordings. The real themes are Kalmar’s homesickness for the city from which he was driven out because of his Jewish background, his bitter résumé of two half-homelands – Austria and Uruguay- and the impossibility of joining them into a whole, his “true” patriotism (in contrast to the aggrieved patriotism of those enticed), and his sense of having lived wrongly, due to his own fault as well as the social circumstances, and renouncing his artistic bent for far too long.

Director's Biography
Erich Hackl, geb. 1954. Nach dem Studium der Germanistik und Hispanistik Lektor und Lehrer in Madrid und Wien. Seit 1983 freier Schriftsteller und Übersetzer.

// Filme als Drehbuchautor (Auswahl): SIDONIE (1990, Regie: Karin Brandauer) Libertad hackl, geb. 1980. Studierte Drehbuch und Regie an der Filmakademie Wien.

// Filme (Auswahl): BLEIBEN WILL ICH , WO ICH NIE GEWESEN BIN (2007; CE '07)
Local Artists 2012
Erich Hackl, Libertad Hackl
Austria 2012
86 minutes
OV with German subtitles
Screenplay Erich Hackl
Cinematography Libertad Hackl/Ariel Wolf
Editing Libertad Hackl