De helaasheid der dingen

The Misfortunates

Gunther Strobbe, 13, lives with his father and three uncles at his grandmother‘s. All around him, there is alcohol, womanizing, shameless behavior and loitering. Everything points to Gunther suffering the same fate. Or will Gunther yet manage to escape his misfortune? Real life is full of problems more complex than just ‘getting out of the old neighbourhood’, and The Misfortunates illustrates this point with bittersweet humor, moments of genuine emotion, a lot of compassion for its flawed characters. (Colin Geddes, Toronto International Film Festival)

Director's Biography
Felix van Groeningen, geboren 1977 in Belgien. Studierte an der Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Gent. Nach mehreren Kurzfilmen schrieb und inszenierte van Groeningen Bühnenstücke im Rahmen des Theaterkollektivs „Kung Fu“. The Misfortunates gewann u.a. in Cannes den C.I.C.A.E. Award - Special Mention und drei Preise beim Hamptons International Film Festival.

Filme (Auswahl): Truth or dare (1999, KF), 50cc (2000, KF), Bonjour Maman (2001, KF), Steve + Sky (2004), With Friends like These (2007), De helaasheid der dingen (The Misfortunates, 2009)
European Panorama Fiction 2010
Felix van Groeningen
Belgium / Netherlands 2009
108 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Christophe Dirickx, Felix van Groeningen, Dimitri Verhulst (Roman)
Cinematography Ruben Impens
Editing Nico Leunen
Music Jef Neve
With Kenneth Vanbaeden, Valentijn Dhaenens, Johan Heldenbergh, Koen De Graeve, Wouter Hendrickx, Bert Haelvoet, Gilda de Bal, Natali Broods, Pauline Grossen
Menuet F. Lousbergskaai 105 9000 Gent Belgien T +32 9 235 7370 F +32 9 235 7379