Das nächste Mal

Next Time

It's spring, two children lie on the grass, leading a peculiar sort of love dialogue. They exchange trite phrases like "Listen to your heart" and cliched notions like "Be romantic for once!". Then the camera pulls back from the site of action, and the romantic garden proves from a distance to be the small grassy surface of a traffic island, an island of escape of traditional love fantasies in the midst of noisy reality. The discrepancy between language and the speaking subjects points to the stereotypical schemata of communication that still have to be trained or completed by the protagonists, next time. (Sabine Winkler)

OK Artist in Residence 2005
Corinna Schnitt
Germany / Netherlands 2003
6 minutes
German version
Cinematography Justyna Feicht
With Kevin Longerich, Olivia Wilczek