Das Mit Laura

September 2004. Paving stones. Cigarettes. Candles and metal. I am taking a picture. I am sitting on the ground with my friends. We are drinking beer. We remain silent. Four years later. Laura’s coat is still hanging in my closet. Now we talk. Now we are talking about Laura. Laura jumped off the bridge. Before her sister’s eyes, shortly before the police could hold her back. She wasn’t immediately dead, but everything in and of her was destroyed. She was 18 years old. Four years after this incomprehensible suicide, her friends and especially her sister are still searching for answers. Memories arise between the painfully extended pauses. Detailed, factual and deeply wounded. In this radio play of original recordings, they talk about this death for the first time. About life before and afterward. About their own wounds. And they gradually work themselves up to a clearly formulated anger that Laura abandoned them.

Director's Biography
Eduard Stürmer, geboren 1987 in Tschkalowo, Kasachstan. 1992 nach Deutschland übersiedelt. Seit 2007 Studium der Medienkunst mit dem Schwerpunkt Film an der Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe.
Special 2012
Eduard Stürmer
Germany 2010
55 minutes
German version
Sound/Sounddesign Jonathan Pauli
Hochschule für Gestaltung Karlsruhe