Darsmat dhe pampersat

Weddings and Diapers

Marriage, once dictated by strict and uniform rules, now takes on many shapes and forms in this era of rapid social change in Kosovo. Weddings and Diapers brings four couples from different regions and generations to share how they deal with chores, child-raising, freedoms and infidelity. Inviting the camera into their homes, they reveal the subtleties of their relationships with honesty and humour. How have roles changed and what are the limits to modernity in the sacred union of marriage? From milking the cow to a lesson in diaper changing, from watching home wedding videos to the birth of a new baby, it takes a unique look at the disappearing tradition of polygamy. (Dokufest)

Special 2008
Antonete Kastrati-Cooper, Casey Cooper Johnson
Kosovo 2007
49 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Antonete Kastrati-Cooper, Casey Cooper Johnson
Cinematography Sevdije Kastrati, Casey Cooper Johnson
Editing Besnik Mehmeti
Crossing Bridges Production Rrustem Statovci 90 10000 Prishtina Kosovo T +377 44 220 627 F +381 38 221 387 cooperjohnson@yahoo.com