Continental Divide

Unlike my earlier works, Continental Divide is extremely slow. It follows the construction of an archaic ritual, the meaning of which has vanished in the darkness of a lost culture.

Director's Biography
THOMAS DRASCHAN, geb. 1967 in Linz. Studium Theaterwissenschaft und Publizistik in Wien, Film- und Kunststudium in Frankfurt am Main.

Filme (Auswahl): Begegnung im Weltall (2003; CE '04), The Influence of Ocular Light Perception (2005; CE '06), Turn (2005; CE '06), La Mémoire des Enfants (gem. mit Hannes Gellner, 2006; CE '07), Freude (2009; CE '10)
Local Artists 2011
Thomas Draschan
Austria 2010
10 minutes
without dialogue