Come l'ombra

As the shadow

Claudia, who leads a routine life in a summerly deserted Milan, meets Boris, a teacher from the Ukraine. There is an immediate attraction between them and soon afterwards Boris asks Claudia about a place for his Ukrainian cousin Olga to stay. The lives of three people intersect, charged with possibilities of love, friendship and double motifs. We live our entire lives playing the roles of protagonists or witnesses, waiting for someone or something that will never arrive. And when something unlikely happens, it inevitably leads to changes. (Marina Spada)

Competition Fiction 2007
Marina Spada
Italy 2006
87 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Daniele Maggioni
Cinematography Sabina Bologna, Giorgio Carella
Editing Carlotta Cristiani
Music Tommaso Leddi
With Anita Kravos, Karolina Dafne Porcari, Paolo Pierobon, Patrizia Olgiati, Loris Carraro, Graziella Comana, Lorenzo Lastrucci
Film Kairós via Anapo, 46 00199 Rom Italien T +39 06 8530 4329 F +39 06 8546 041