Coeur Animal

Animal Heart

In the Swiss Alps, Paul, a taciturn farmer, lives with his wife Rosine. Emotionally stunted, Paul treats his wife like a laborer, and when she shows signs of ill health, he chalks it up to a much wished-for pregnancy. When Rosine eventually becomes bedridden, Paul decides to hire a Spanish farmhand, Eusebio. Handsome and mischievous, Eusebio increases the villagers‘ quality of life. A new wind blows over the farm, yet Paul experiences the feeling of jealousy for the first time. He almost beats his wife to death. It‘s only now that Paul realises what he feels for Rosine, that he might actually love her and that he cannot continue living with an „animal heart“.

Director's Biography
Séverine Cornamusaz, geboren 1975 in Lausanne. Studium an der New York Film Academy. Ab 1996 drehte sie Kurzfilme und arbeitete als Cutterin. Coeur animal ist ihr erster Langspielfilm. Er wurde vom Int. Filmfestival Mannheim-Heidelberg mit einer „Lobenden Erwähnung“ bedacht und erhielt den Schweizer Filmpreis 2010 (bester Spielfilm, bester Darsteller). Sie arbeitet an weiteren Spielfilmen: Cyanure und Le sexe des anges.

Filme (Auswahl): Inside (1996, KF), Intrusions (1997, KF), Family Bondage (1998, KF), La moto de mère (2003, KF), Crossing Paths (Ko-Regie, 2006, KF), Coeur animal (2009)
2010: ray Publikumspreis
Competition Fiction 2010
Séverine Cornamusaz
Switzerland / France 2009
90 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Séverine Cornamusaz, Marcel Beaulieu, Florence Grivel
Cinematography Carlo Varini
Editing Daniel Gibel
Music Evgueni Galperine
With Olivier Rabourdin, Camille Japy, Antonio Buil, Alexandra Karamisaris
PS.Productions En Fossiaux 5 CP 127 1618 Châtel-St-Denis Schweiz T +41 21 922 0372 F +41 21 922 0391