Close-Up Kurdistan

Yavuz creates a connection between his personal story of immigration and the current situation of the Turkish-Kurdish conflict. In the film he makes a personal journey which takes him from Hamburg via Stockholm to Turkey, ending in the north of Iraq, in the refugee camp Maxmur in Iraqi Kurdistan. Throughout this journey he meets, among others, his parents and old friends, some of whom went to the mountains to become guerrilla fighters, others who fled the country and went into exile. The film moves along a fine line between political facts and personal stories.

European Panorama 2008
Yüksel Yavuz
Germany 2007
104 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Yüksel Yavuz
Cinematography Emre Erkmen
Editing Özgür Tan
Music Kardes Türküler, Aynur Dogan
With Dr. Ismail Besikiçi, Beriwan, Abdulkadir Aygan, Uli Çekdar, Ali Yildirim, Orhan Miroglu, Eyse Sipendarik
Produzenten Peter Stockhaus, Mehmet Aktas; (mîtosfilm) Peter Stockhaus Filmproduktion GmbH Langbehnstraße 21a 22761 Hamburg Deutschland T +49 40 3910 963 F +49 40 3910 9650