Cinema Isn't I See, It's I Fly

CINEMA ISN'T I SEE, IT'S I FLY, stated Soviet filmmaker and theorist Dziga Vertov in terms of the flexibility of camera lenses, which create a different perception of the world. In the Crossing Europe trailer 2013, the ringtone of a missed call in a shop for household goods catapults us from reality into the airy perspective of a parachute jumper, suggesting a dream of flying and freedom. As an expanded form of the trailer, the image of the parachute jumper permeates not only the cinema screen, but also the walls surrounding the cinema. A multi-channel projection onto Upper Austrian Culture Quarter's distinctive office and Movie1 facade has been created especially for the festival.

Local Artists · Festivaltrailer 2013
Ella Raidel
Taiwan / Austria 2013
1 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Ella Raidel