Cinéma Inch'Allah!

CINÉMA INCH'ALLAH! sketches the portrait of four friends, four Belgian-Moroccan filmmakers living in a densely populated neighborhood of Brussels. These friends share the same dream: to make movies. Since adolescence, and with incredible enthusiasm, they have managed to produce over thirty low-budget movies in which they often have played the main characters themselves. Their movies are not only the sum of their fears and desires but also a way of projecting an image of themselves towards their own community and the outside world. But a lot has changed since adolescence ...

Director's Biography
VINCENT COEN, born 1975 in Ghent, Belgium. He studied at the Rits film school in Brussel and wrote and directed several short films. His work was selected, amongst others, for Tribeca Film Fest and Montreal World Film Festival. GUILLAUME VANDENBERGHE, born 1978 in Ghent, Belgium. First studied photography at KASK Ghent and later graduated as a cinematographer from IN SAS film school. Aside from his activities as a DoP, he directed several experimental shorts. His work was shown at festivals and museums all over the world.
European Panorama Documentary 2013
Vincent Coen, Guillaume Vandenberghe
Belgium 2012
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Guillaume Vandenberghe
Editing Yannick Leroy
Sound/Sounddesign Vincent Coen
Music Daniel Offermann (Girls in Hawaii)
With Reda Chebchoubi, Farid Metioui, Mohamed Ouachen, Noureddine Zerrad
Savage Film De Ribaucourtstraat 139 0/D 1080 Brussels Belgium T +32 477 602 035 F +32 477 602 035