Cicha Ziemia

Silent Land

Anna and Adam are a seemingly perfect, if somewhat uptight, Polish couple. In search of relaxation, the two have rented a vacation home on a sunny southern Italian island. Once there, however, they discover that the advertised pool is damaged and drained. When the hired pool worker has an accident in front of their eyes, they try to ignore the incident and continue their vacation as if nothing has happened. But despite all the distractions of diving and dining, the cracks of their ignorant attitude slowly but surely seep through from the unconscious, pushing them closer to the edge of the abyss. SILENT LAND is a disturbingly suspenseful drama about the power of repressed emotions. (Zurich Film Festival)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Cicha Ziemia (Silent Land, 2021) - Fragmenty (Fragments, 2014, short)
2022: CROSSING EUROPE Award - Best Fiction Film
Competition Fiction 2022
Aga Woszczyńska
Poland / Italy / Czech Republic 2021
113 minutes
Polish / English / Italian / French
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Aga Woszczyńska, Piotr Jaksa Litwin
Cinematography Bartosz Świniarski
Editing Jarosław Kamiński
Sound/Sounddesign Zofia Moruś
With Dobromir Dymecki, Agnieszka Żulewska, Jean Marc Barr, Alma Jodorowsky, Marcello Romolo
Producer(s) Agnieszka Wasiak, Giovanni Pompili, Monika Glowacka, Błażej Moder, Jordi Niubo
Lava Films, Kino Produzioni, I/O post
World Sales
New Europe Film Sales
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Toronto International Film Festival 2021