Chris the Swiss

The past can be a prickly thing. One of the strengths of Anja Kofmel’s part-animated documentary investigation into the death of her cousin Chris in Croatia in 1992 is that it does not attempt to sand the troubled history down to smoothness. Kofmel, who was a child when 27-year-old journalist Christian Würtenberg was found strangled in a field wearing the uniform of a mercenary unit, uses a variety of approaches - talking heads, newsreel footage, excerpts from Chris’ diaries and hand-drawn animation - to embody those contradictions. It’s a multicolored wreath of roses to lay against her cousin’s legacy, thorns and all. (Jessica Kiang, Variety)

Director's Biography
Anja Kofmel
Anja Kofmel was born in 1982 in Switzerland. After taking courses at the Zürich University of the Arts, she studied animation at the Lucerne School of Design and Art. In 2008, she received her diploma in visual design. Her highly acclaimed diploma film "Chrigi" dealt with the same topic as her recently finished anima-doc "Chris the Swiss“, which was awarded for best documentary at the Swiss Film Awards 2019.

Film Selection: Chris the Swiss (2018, doc) - Chrigi (2016, doc short)

Competition Documentary 2019
Anja Kofmel
Switzerland / Croatia / Germany / Finland 2018
color & black and white
90 minutes
Swiss German / German / English / Spanish
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Anja Kofmel
Cinematography Simon Guy Fässler, Philipp Künzli, Gabriel Sandru
Editing Stefan Kälin
Sound/Sounddesign Markus Krohn
Music Marcel Vaid
With Megan Gay, Joel Basman, Michael Würtenberg, Veronika Schwab, Carlos Ilich, Ramirez Sanchez, Sinisa Juricic, Heidi Rinke, Julio Cesar Alonso, Alejandro Hernandez Mora
Producer(s) Samir, Sinisa Juricic, Heino Deckert, Iikka Vehkalahti
Dchoint Ventschr Filmproduktion, Nukleus Film, Ma.Ja.De., IV Films
World Sales
Urban Distribution Intl
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Cannes Film Festival 2018
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Cannes Film Festival 2018

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status
Austrian Premiere