Matteo is fifteen, a fragile boy. He runs into the woods carrying his baby brother. It‘s a desperate attempt to strike back at his oppressive father. The parents’ punishment for kidnapping the baby: three months of hard work on a remote farm. On arrival, three hostile teenagers grab Matteo and lock him into a dog cage. The farmer, who was supposed to take care of the kids, loses control. As Matteo then has to earn the other teenagers’ respect, he joins them on a mission: they drive down to the city. A feverish night full of violence and destruction. Their own war. Their own revenge against grown-ups. Against everything.

Director's Biography
Simon Jaquemet, born in 1978, studied at the Zurich Academy of the Arts and won several young directors awards. As a cinematographer, Jaquemet has worked with numerous notable video artists like Elodie Pong, Knowbotic Research, or David Lamelas. CHRIEG, Jaquemet’s debut feature, was screened at the San Sebastian International Film Festival. It won the Jury Prize at the Marrakech International Film Festival and the Film Festival Max Ophüls Preis. // Films (selection): DIE BURG (The Fortress, 2005, short), BLOCK (2007, short), LAURAS PARTY (Laura’s Party, 2010, short), CHRIEG (2014)
Competition Fiction 2015
Simon Jaquemet
Switzerland 2014
108 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Simon Jaquemet
Cinematography Lorenz Merz
Editing Christof Schertenleib
With Benjamin Lutzke, Ste, Ella Rumpf, Sascha Gisler, John Leuppi, Livia S. Reinhard, Ernst Sigrist, Ivana Nicolic
Producer(s) Christian Davi, Christof Neracher, Thomas Thümena (Hugofilm Productions)
Hugofilm Productions Zypressenstrasse 76 8004 Zürich Switzerland T +41 44 240 40 77