Cell Phone

CELL PHONE is the empty space between people and their mobile phones. Could a story be told just through shiny displays and fingers dancing on them… and the ability to comunicate reduced just to the ability to use "smart" phones?

Director's Biography
Ivan Petkov Straschmir, geb. 1976 in Gabrovo/Bulgarien. Studien an der Kunstuni Linz, der Kunstakademie Sofia und der Kunsthochschule für angewandte Künste Triavna. // Filme (Auswahl): EINGESPERRT IM KURZEN ZEITSEGMENT ( 2006), HORMONIC-HARMONIC (2009), CLOTHESHORSE (2011), CELL PHONE (2011)
Local Artists 2012
Ivan Petkov Straschmir
Austria 2010
1 minutes
without dialogue