Ce Lume Minunată

What a Wonderful World

After two years spent as a student in Boston, a 22-year-old visits his home country Moldova. It is April 2009. People gather in the streets of Chisinau, the call has spread through social networks. They are demonstrating against the communist authorities who falsified the election results. They seize and plunder the parliament and presidential buildings. The demonstrators carry away documents, furniture and office equipment. Coming from a friend’s home carrying his own computer monitor, our protagonist is mistaken for a demonstrator. This marks the beginning of an unprecedented tour de force. (Warsaw Film Festival)

Director's Biography
Anatol Durbală, born in 1970, is a Moldovan actor, editor and director. He is a graduate of the MHAT (Moscow Art Theatre) school’s theatre and film acting course and attended film classes in the United States. He is known as a TV entertainer and holds a PhD from the Visual Arts Faculty of the Academy of Arts in Chisinau, Moldova. Durbală has starred in many international productions and has written two feature screenplays. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD is his feature debut and premiered at the Warsaw Film Festival. // Films (selection): CE LUME MINUNATĂ (What a Wonderful World, 2014 / CE 15 Audience Award - Best Fiction Film)
2015: CROSSING EUROPE Audience Award - Best Fiction Film
Competition Fiction 2015
Anatol Durbală
Moldova 2014
73 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Anatol Durbală
Cinematography Ivan Grincenco
Sound/Sounddesign Roman Bordei
With Igor Babiac, Igor Caras-Romanov
Producer(s) Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr.
YouBeSC Sergiu Cumatrenco Jr. T +373 69 10 46 69 T +373 79 20 46 69 youbesc@gmail.com www.youbesc.com