Cartas a María

Letters to María

As a result of her father’s Alzheimer’s disease, Maite decides to recover the unknown and silenced story of her grandfather Pedro. In 1939, the Republican Pedro had to go into exile in France, leaving behind his wife María and their two sons. In order to survive the harsh living conditions in the refugee camps in the South of France he had to work for the French government and even for the Nazi army. Through 46 letters that Pedro wrote to María from exile, Maite will discover and imagine this unique and epic family story …

Director's Biography
Maite García Ribot studied Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia as well as Creative Documentary-Making at the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona, Spain. She was the production manager of the international festival Art Loop and the project coordinator for La Fábrica Barcelona. Maite García Ribot has filled various positions for several fictional and documentary film projects. // Films (selection): ZAST (2005, doc), THE SHOE SHINER (2007, short doc), CARTAS A MARÍA (Letters to María, 2014, doc)
Competition Documentary 2015
Maite García Ribot
Spain / France 2014
87 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Maite García Ribot, Elías Siminiani
Cinematography Núria Roldós
Editing Pablo Gil
Sound/Sounddesign Alfonso Hervás
Music Alberto García, Demestres
Producer(s) Paco Poch (Mallerich Films Paco Poch) Koproduktion / Co-Production Pages & Images (FR)
Mallerich Films Paco Poch Pg. Mare de Déu del Coll 30 local 08023 Barcelona Spain T +34 93 203 30 25