Buy Buy St. Pauli

The ESSO-Buildings in Hamburg have become a symbol for gentrification and the resistance against it. Today, the houses are gone. Knocked down. Also gone are the name-giving petrol station, the music clubs, the motel, and the tenants – in short: many places and people that shaped the face of St. Pauli. But the protestors’ achievement remains, the tenants now know how to exercise their rights and insist to have a say in the development of the site.

Director's Biography
Irene Bude and Olaf Sobczak are German documentary filmmakers from Hamburg. Over the past years, they have collaborated on various film projects. Since 2008, Bude and Sobczak have worked with Steffen Jörg, who is also the producer of their most recent works. // Films (selection): CALEDONIA DREAMING (1997, short doc), ALLES MUSS RAUS! (1999, doc), NICHTS IST MEHR SICHER! (2001, short doc), MUSIK DER MITTE (2003, short doc), EMPIRE ST. PAULI – VON PERLENKETTEN UND PLATZVERWEISEN (2009, doc; CE '10), BUY BUY ST. PAULI (2014, doc)
Architektur und Gesellschaft | Architecture and Society 2015
Irene Bude, Olaf Sobczak, Steffen Jörg
Germany 2014
90 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Cinematography Irene Bude, Olaf Sobczak
Editing Anke Wiesenthal, Irene Bude
Sound/Sounddesign Steffen Jörg (Baldwin Production) KoproduzentInnen GWA St. Pauli (DE), dirk manthey film (DE)
Music Irene Bude, Olaf Sobczak
With Die Goldenen Zitronen, Schwabinggrad Ballett, The Good, The Bad And The Ugly, Chicks on Speed
Producer(s) Steffen Jörg (Baldwin Production) <br><b>KoproduzentInnen / Co-Producers</b> GWA St. Pauli (DE), dirk manthey film (DE)
Baldwin Production Pinnasberg 27 20359 Hamburg Germany