Shot on location in the socially deprived suburbs of Paris, this low-budget French docudrama brings together a young ensemble cast of real rappers, musicians, and poets. All play thinly disguised versions of themselves. KT Gorique, an award-winning freestyle rapper from Switzerland, gives a charmingly natural performance as the heroine Coralie, aka aspiring MC Brooklyn. Fleeing her family and arriving in the strife-torn Parisian banlieue of Saint-Denis, Coralie finds a job as a cook in a neighborhood community organization, where her rapping skills earn attention. (Stephen Dalton, The Hollywood Reporter)

Director's Biography
Pascal Tessaud was born in Paris in 1974. He received a master’s degree in Literature and Cinema Studies at Nanterre University. After working as social worker in cultural associations, he started directing short films as well as documentaries on urban culture. HIS WORDS ARE BURNING US on the French spoken Word scene was screened in more than 40 countries. BROOKLYN is Tessaud’s debut feature. // Films (selection): SLAM, CE QUI NOUS BRULE (Words Are Burning Us, 2007, short doc), FACIÈS (2008, short), LA VILLE LUMIÈRE (City of Light, 2012, short), BROOKLYN (2014)
European Panorama 2015
Pascal Tessaud
France 2014
83 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Pascal Tessaud
Cinematography Sébastien Bages, Fabien Rodesch, Pascal Tessaud
Editing Nicolas Milteau, Amandine Normand
Sound/Sounddesign Alexandre Abrard, Eric Bizet, Christian Fontaine
Music Calogero Di Benedetto, DJ Dusty, Khulibaï
With KT Gorique, Rafal Uchiwa, Jalil Naciri, Liliane Rovere, Veronique Ruggia, Blade MC
Producer(s) Pascal Tessaud
Cypher Films