Body Rice

The German teenager Katrin is sent to Portugal as part of a reintegration programme for delinquent youths. In the barren surroundings of the Alentejo she meets Julia, who is also there for a social programme, and Pedro, who lives locally but walks around equally lost. These young people only seem to feel in the right place when they can dance to very loud techno. In that strange 1980s way, it is a very existential film: ’I‘ve got the spirit, but lose the feeling,‘ as Joy Division said. All the characters are ”deterritorialised“. A sense of dislocation and permanent unease are the collective feelings. I want to register these peripheral bodies at the surface, and above all I want their skin. Formally, I do exactly the same: events are suspended, rather than materialised. I am interested in what is not seen. (Hugo Vieira da Silva)

Competition Fiction 2007
Hugo Vieira da Silva
Portugal 2006
120 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Hugo Vieira da Silva
Cinematography Paulo Ares
Editing Paulo Milhomens
With Sylta Fee Wegmann, Alice Dwyer, André Hennicke, Julika Jenkins, Pedro Hestnes, Luís Guerra, Luís Soveral
Clap Filmes Rua da Palmeira, 6 1200-313 Lissabon Portugal T +351 21 3255800 F +351 21 3428730