Max loves Lucille, and Lucille plays with Gabriel, and Gabriel gets in Fred's way, and Fred has trouble with Sylvester, and Sylvester sleeps with Lucille, and Lucille needs Max, and Max meets Fred. A hellish combination in a single dark black night that only brings one thing to everyone: death.

Director's Biography
Christoph Brunner, geb. 1978 in Linz. Regie- und Kamerastudium an der Filmakademie Wien. Arbeitet freischaffend in Wien.

// Filme (Auswahl): CONTACT HIGH (2009, Cutter), THE ROAD HOME (2010, Kamera), BLACKSTORY (2012) Stefan Brunner, geb. 1976 in Bern/Schweiz. Regiestudium an der Filmakademie Wien und seit 2004 freischaffender Drehbuchautor.

// Filme (Auswahl): WASHING DAY (2005), KRANKHEIT DER JUGEND (2006), BLACKSTORY (2012)
Local Artists 2012
Christoph Brunner, Stefan Brunner
Austria 2012
30 minutes
OV with English subtitles