Blackbook - Broken Sequence

Written language – well-considered signs of personal expression and experience – a rarity in a world driven by ideas of speed and the desire to achieve more and more. Broken Sequence write against this: rapper Selbstlaut offers moments that let time stand still – “'cause to write is a ritual”.

Director's Biography
Felix Huber, geb. 1988 in Vöcklabruck, studiert an der Kunstuniversität Linz Zeitbasierte und Interaktive Medien. // Filme (Auswahl): OIS IN BUTTER – ANDI & ALEX (2012), CYPHERSPACE PT.1 & PT.2 (2012/13), BLACKBOOK – BROKEN SEQUENCE (2014)
Local Artists 2014
Felix Huber
Austria 2014
3 minutes
without dialogue