Black September

BLACK SEPTEMBER presents a partially fictional depiction of the hostage-taking of eleven members of the Israeli Olympic team by Palestinian terrorists during the Olympiad in Munich 1972. Draeger’s installation includes reworked excerpts from the contemporary TV coverage, visible from within a reconstruction of the room itself. Fact and fiction are mingled and so are past and present, as the line between live and documentary, between observer and participant, are blurred.

Director's Biography
Christoph Draeger, geboren 1965 in der Schweiz, beschäftigt sich seit mehr als 15 Jahren mit dem Thema Katastrophe. Er stellte u.a. in der Shedhalle Zürich, im Kunst¬verein Medienturm Graz, im MoMA Museum of Modern Art New York, beim European Media Art Festival EMAF in Osnabrück und im Centraal Museum Utrecht aus. //
OK Artist in Residence 2012
Christoph Draeger
USA 2002
15 minutes
Cinematography Reynold Reynolds
Editing Christoph Draeger
With Christoph Draeger/Rainer Ganahl