Bizim Büyük Caresizligimiz

Our Grand Despair

Our Grand Despair is an adaptation of Ankara-based author Baris Bicakci’s novel. While the story might come across like a typical love triangle, Bicakci’s approach is quite unique and delicate which stands as the main source of inspiration for me. The feeling that dominates the story is a distinct blend of the melancholy of the past’s unrepeatable nature with sorrows of impossible love, and an affection that embraces all inadequacy and imperfection. For me, the main questions in this film are: „Are there any borders in relationships? If there are, where are they to be found?“ Although I can’t give definitive answers to these questions, I feel intuitively that they have the potential to provoke various answers, which I believe will enrich my film to a great extent. (Seyfi Teoman)

Director's Biography
SEYFI TEOMAN, geboren 1977 in Kayseri, Türkei. Studierte Wirtschaft in Istanbul, im Anschluss verbrachte er zwei Jahre in Łódz, wo er an der Polnischen Filmschule Regie studierte. Sein erster Kurzfilm Apartment entstand 2004 und wurde auf zahlreichen internationalen Festivals gezeigt. Tatil Kitabi hatte seine Uraufführung 2008 beim Berlinale- Forum, Our Grand Despair feierte Weltpremiere im heurigen Berlinale-Wettbewerb.

Filme (Auswahl): Apartment (2004, KF), Tatil Kitabi (Summer Book, 2008; CE 2009), Bizim Büyük Çaresizliğimiz (Our Grand Despair, 2010)
Tribute · European Panorama Fiction 2011
Seyfi Teoman
Turkey / Germany / Netherlands 2011
102 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Seyfi Teoman, Baris Bicakci
Cinematography Birgit Gudjonsdottir
Editing Cicek Kahraman
Sound/Sounddesign İsmail Karadaş
With İlker Aksum, Fatih Al, Guneş Sayın, Taner Birsel, Baki Davrak, Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu
Bulut Film Purtelas Mahallesi Ozogul Sok. No. 18/12 34427 Cihangir Beyoglu Istanbul Türkei T +90 212 287 1949 F +90 212 287 7068