Běžná selhání

Ordinary Failures

In ORDINARY FAILURES, the audience watches the slow decline of society while putting the onus on them to think about how they would reconcile their life as disaster looms over them and what happens when there is nothing they can do to stop it. The script centers on three women dealing with isolation, adolescence, and motherhood. These three concepts that initially caused hardship to the characters end up helping resolve what plagues them. The three finally get their lives together as the world goes to crap and are somehow relaxed amidst all this. Normalcy and what’s familiar bring comfort to people in crisis, and your ordinary failures are insignificant compared to the world’s fate. (Valerie Complex, deadline.com)

Director's Filmography (Selection)
Běžná selhání (Ordinary Failures, 2022) - A legjobb dolgokon bõgni kell (Things Worth Weeping For, 2021) - Trecea un print calare (Along Came a Prince, 2020, short) - Holiday at the Seaside (2013, short)
Competition Fiction 2023
Cristina Groşan
Czech Republic / Hungary / Italy / Slovakia 2022
84 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Klára Vlasáková
Cinematography Márk Győri
Editing Anna Meller
Sound/Sounddesign Filippo Barracco, Ivan Caso, Pavel Jan
Music Jonatán Pastirčák
With Taťjana Medvecká, Nora Klimešová, Beáta Kaňoková
Producer(s) Marek Novák, Judit Stalter, Marica Stocchi, Monika Lošťáková, Zuzana Jankovičová, Simona Hrušovská, Veronika Kocourková
Xova Film, Laokoon Cinema, Rosamont, Czech Television, Super film
World Sales
Totem Films
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Venice Film Festival 2022