Bêtes blondes

Blonde Animals

Fabien, a fallen 90's TV star, wants to go to Paris, but his failing memory is turning the journey into a long obstacle course, until a young and romantic soldier decides to help him out. During this strange road trip, people meet again by chance, and patterns keep repeating. The film feels as if in a dream, a bit like the main character. The film transforms his impediment into comic and dramatic driving forces. Despite its light feel, Blonde Animals also talks of absence and the difficulty of being, and is a deeply liberating and daring film that can be absurd or even gory at times. (Chloé Cavillier, Entrevues Belfort Festival)

Director's Biography
Alexia Walther and Maxime Matray
Alexia Walther (1974) is Swiss and graduated from the ESAV in Geneva. Maxime Matray (1973) is French and studied at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Arts à la Villa Arson in Nice. In 2006, they directed the short film “Twist”, which won the Grand Prix at the Entrevues Belfort Film Festival. Since then, they have directed several shorts together. “Blonde Animals” is their first feature.

Film Selection: Bêtes blondes (Blonde Animals, 2018) - Malfaisant (2013, short) - Les Ambassadeurs (2012, short) - L'Élan (2008, short) - L'Été (2008, short) - Entrevues (Twist, 2006, short)
European Panorama Fiction 2019
Alexia Walther, Maxime Matray
France / Switzerland 2018
101 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Alexia Walther, Maxime Matray
Cinematography Simon Beaufils
Editing Martial Salomon, Jeanne Sarfati
Sound/Sounddesign Colin Favre-Bulle, Luc Meilland, Sébastien Pierre
With Thomas Scimeca, Basile Meilleurat, Agathe Bonitzer, Youssef Hajdi, Alyzée Lalande, Pierre Moure
Producer(s) Emmanuel Chaumet
Ecce Films, Garidi Films
World Sales
Ecce Films
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Venice Film Festival 2018
Weltpremiere / World Premiere
Venice International Film Festival 2018

Premierenstatus / Premiere Status 
Austrian Premiere