Berlin Recyclers

Berlin – techno, paving stones and lots of graffiti. BERLIN RECYCLERS portrays the cultural, social and urban structures of this city experimentally. The viewer is guided to the urban hiding places of animated creatures. These are digitally constructed from collected rubbish and typical local products. Their rattling body parts interact with the soundscape of Berlin.

Director's Biography
Nikki Schuster, geb. 1974 in Steyr, lebt und arbeitet in Berlin als Animationskünstlerin. 2001 gründete sie ihr Animationsfilmlabel „Fiesfilm“. // Filme (Auswahl): DROWNING (2005), ROBOTANT (2007; CE '08), PARIS RECYCLERS (2011; CE '11), BERLIN RECYCLERS (2012)
Local Artists 2012
Nikki Schuster
Germany 2012
6 minutes
without dialogue