Beni Altmüller

The film arches across the oeuvre of the Austrian painter and architect and addresses his current, philosophical exploration of “the open”. “If there are already answers to all the questions, then there is no movement left.” The picture titles lead through the film like aphorisms. Painting and music engage in a dialogue of exchange.

Local Artists 2008
Johanna Tschautscher
Austria 2007
40 minutes
Screenplay Johanna Tschautscher
Cinematography Johanna Tschautscher
Editing Johanna Tschautscher
With Beni Altmüller, Helmut Rachinger, Baldo Cappellano
Golden Girls Filmproduktion Seidengasse 15/3/20 1070 Wien T +43 1 8105636 F +431 8105949