Belye Nochi Pochtalona Alekseya Tryapitsyna

The Postman's White Nights

Separated from the outside world with only a boat to connect their remote village to the mainland, the inhabitants of Kenozero Lake live the way their ancestors did: the community is small, everyone knows each other and they produce only those things which are necessary for survival. The village postman is their sole connection to the outside world, relying on his motorboat to bridge the two civilizations. But when his boat’s motor is stolen and the woman he loves escapes to the city, the postman follows, desperate for a new adventure and a new life.

Director's Biography
Andrei Konchalovsky is an award-winning screenwriter, theater, and film director. His works have been awarded at such prestigious festivals as the Venice International Film Festival, the Cannes Film Festival, and the San Sebastian International Film Festival. Konchalovsky received an Emmy, an Oscar, and the Laurence Olivier Award. THE POSTMAN'S WHITE NIGHTS won him a Venice Silver Lion for Best Direction in 2014. // Films (selection): DYADYA VANYA (Uncle Vanya, 1970), GLYANETS (Gloss, 2007), THE NUTCRACKER 3D (2011), BELYE NOCHI POCHTALONA ALEKSEYA TRYAPITSYNA (The Postman’s White Nights, 2014)
European Panorama 2015
Andrei Konchalovsky
Russia 2014
101 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Andrei Konchalovsky, Elena Kiseleva
Cinematography Alexander Simonov
Editing Sergei Taraskin
Sound/Sounddesign Polina Volynkina
Music Eduard Artemyev
With Aleksey Tryapitsyn, Irina Ermolova, Timur Bondarenko
Producer(s) Andrei Konchalovsky (Andrei Konchalovsky Studios) <br><b>Koproduzent / Co-Producer</b> Evgeniy Stepanov
Andrei Konchalovsky Studios Pravdy str. 21/1 125124 Moscow Russia T +7 495 255 16 17