Balkanski revolveraši

Balcan Gunfighters

Satirical reflection of what is perhaps the true nature of ethnic relationships on the Balkan peninsula. A prophetical film in its prediction of sad events which affected this region shortly afterward. Maja Weiss' best known and most successful student film, won a Golden Metod Badjura award at the 1st Slovene Film Marathon in Portorož, 1991. Viktor award (Slovenia‘s most important media award) for best TV fiction.

Tribute 2005
Maja Weiss
Slovenia 1991
13 minutes
without dialogue
Screenplay Maja Weiss
Cinematography Rado Likon
Editing Janez Bricelj
With Dušan Sandak, Grega Cušin, Severdan Amiki, Gregor Bakovic
AGRFT Ljubljana