A drama on what might be the rather hackneyed theme of tourists ruining Cornwall becomes a bizarre expressionist melodrama. It has the huge closeups and crashingly emphatic narrative grammar of early cinema and, like home movies, it has non-diegetic sound, with dialogue overdubs and ambient noise which could well be taken from a sound effects LP. But it’s very effective, and the monochrome cinematography desentimentalises the Cornish landscape, turning it into an anti-picture postcard. The weirdness of Bait can’t be overestimated, like FW Murnau directing an episode of EastEnders. (Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian)

Director's Biography
Mark Jenkin was born in Cornwall, Great Britain, in 1976. Since 1997, he has made more than 50 short films. In 2012, he wrote the "Silent Landscape Dancing Grain 13 Film Manifesto", which comprises 13 rules that he follows when making his own films.
Director's Filmography (Selection)
Bait (2019) - Tomato (2017, short) - A Forest (2016, doc) - The Road to Zennor (2016, short) - The Midnight Drives (2007)
Competition Fiction 2019
Mark Jenkin
Great Britain 2019
black and white
87 minutes
Screenplay Mark Jenkin
Cinematography Mark Jenkin
Editing Mark Jenkin
Music Mark Jenkin
With Edward Rowe, Simon Sheperd, Mary Woodvine, Giles King, Isaac Woodvine, Chloe Endean, Jowan Jacobs, Georgia Ellery, Stacey Guthrie, Tristan Sturrock, Janet Thirlaway, Morgan Val Baker, Martin Ellis
Producer(s) Kate Byers, Linn Waite
Early Day Films
World Sales
The Festival Agency
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
Berlinale 2019