Bad Trip – Bad Karma Club

Caught in the loop. Alone. Different than back then. When we wanted to conquer the world. Summer days made us think we were invincible. I expire. Deform. Rekindle.

Director's Biography
Jennifer Eder (*1993) lives and works in Linz, where she studies painting and graphic art and art education and media design at the University of Arts Linz.
Films - Selection
Bad Trip – Bad Karma Club (2021) - Johnny & The Rotten – Art Is Dead (2021) - Kuenstlicht (2018; CE'18)
Local Artists 2022
Jennifer Eder
Austria 2021
3 minutes
Music Video

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Screenplay Jennifer Eder
Cinematography Jennifer Eder
Editing Jennifer Eder
Music Bad Karma Club (Mario Schmidhumer)
Producer(s) Jennifer Eder