Až do mesta Aš

Made in Ash

Dorotka has just graduated from high school and she’s eager for life to begin. She leaves her home in Slovakia and with it her family and boyfriend, heading to work in the small Czech town of Aš near the German border. Along with other immigrant workers she gets employed at a textile factory. The young woman is caught in a routine of working long hours, low pay and living in a hostel, where she makes friends with vivacious Silvia, who encourages her to try and have fun in the seedy bars of the town. When the factory lays off the entire workforce and Dorotka is left with no money she is faced with some tough decisions and realises that reality is much harsher than expected.

Director's Biography
IVETA GRÓFOVÁ, born 1980 in Trenčín, Slovakia. Graduated from the Faculty of Animated Film in 2004 and the Faculty of Documentary Film in 2009 at the Bratislava’s Academy of Performing Arts. MADE IN ASH is her first feature film and had its world premiere at the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2012. // Films (selected): ASPOŇ ŽE TAK (At Least, 2003, short), BOLO NAS 11 (There Was 11 of Us, 2004, short), POLITIKA KVALITY (The Politics of Quality, 2005, short), GASTARBEITER (Guest Workers, 2007, short), AŽ DO MESTA AŠ (Made in Ash, 2012)
2013: CROSSING EUROPE Award - Best Fiction Film
Competition Fiction 2013
Iveta Grófová
Slovakia / Czech Republic 2012
80 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Iveta Grófová, Marek Leščák
Cinematography Viera Bačíková
Editing Maroš Šlapeta
Sound/Sounddesign Tobias Potočný
Music Matej Hlaváč
With Dorotka Billá, Silvia Halušicová, Robin Horký, Jarka Bučincová, Mária Billá
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