The spa town of Bad Oeynhausen: Every day, thousands of trucks roll through the city centre. When the threat of losing its status as a health resort looms on the horizon, something has to change: A bypass is to be built. Over a period of eight years, the film documents the gridlocked traffic at this bottleneck, the delays in the construction of the northern bypass and above all the reactions of the affected residents. The long-term documentary focuses less on the large-scale infrastructural measures than on their consequences for the people living by the roadside. (Frederik Lang, DOK Leipzig)

Director's Biography
Daniel Abma: Daniel Abma, born 1978 in the Netherlands, moved to Berlin where he studied film directing at the Film University Babelsberg in Potsdam. His first feature-length documentary, "Beyond Wriezen" (2012) was shown at numerous film festivals, as was his second film,"Transit Havana" (2016), winning several audience and jury awards. He also teaches documentary directing at Film University Babelsberg.

Film Selection: Autobahn (2019, doc) - Transit Havanna (Transit Havana, 2016, doc) - Holanda del Sol (2013, mid-length doc) - Nach Wriezen (Beyond Wriezen, 2012, doc) - Gabriella and the Golden Boys (2011, mid-length doc) - Hannes about Papas and Power Ranger (2011, doc short)
Crossing Europe Extracts 2020
Daniel Abma
Germany 2019
85 minutes
OV with English subtitles

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Screenplay Daniel Abma
Cinematography David Schittek
Editing Momas Schütze
Sound/Sounddesign Malte Eiben
Music Henning Fuchs
Producer(s) Niklas Burghardt, Johannes Wöpkemeier
Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
World Sales
Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Austrian Premiere
World Premiere
DOK Leipzig 2019
Premierenstatus / Premiere Status:
Austrian Premiere

Weltpremiere / World Premiere
DOK Leipzig 2019