Aus der Zeit

In a Europe, where economic prudence is becoming the rule, where „big“ either eclipses or absorbs „small“, traditional „Mom & Pop“ shops are vanishing at an alarming rate. Aus der Zeit is a documentary about four of this dying breed of small local shops: a butcher shop, a drug store, a leatherware shop and a button shop. By the end of the film only one of these shops will have survived. Silently observed by the camera, the film unfolds as a portrayal about memories, relationships, working conditions, love, loneliness and the passing of time. (Harald Friedl)

Local Artists 2006
Harald Friedl
Austria 2006
82 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Harald Friedl
Cinematography Bernhard Pötscher, Jerzy Palacz
Editing Bernhard Pötscher
Music Gerald Schuller
With Fee Frimmel, Gertrude Fritz, Werner Fritz, Katharina Jentsch, August Jentsch, Josef Kienesberger
Harald Friedl Webereiweg 8 5400 Hallein T +43 1 40 60 469