Atomlos durch die Macht

Nuclear Free Power to the People

Austria is the only country with a fully functional nuclear power plant which, due to a popular vote in 1978, never powered up. The film shows the civic movement which led to the everlasting ban of nuclear power in Austria. But the struggle continues, as Austria remains surrounded by nuclear power plants. Catastrophic events like Chernobyl or Fukushima have shown the vital interests of us as a people to fight this very undemocratic form of power production. The film also takes an outlook into alternatives and renewables, as climate change is becoming THE environmental and political challenge of the 21st century. (Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker)

Director's Biography
Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker
Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker, born in Upper Austria in 1979, studied film, video and audio at the University of Applied Sciences Salzburg and sociology at the University of Vienna. Since 2005 he has been living and working as a documentary and corporate filmmaker near Linz.

Film Selection: Atomlos durch die Macht (Nuclear Free Power to the People, 2019, doc) - Alkbottle - 20 Joa in Ö (2011, mid-length doc) - Wie Gott in Schlierbach (2009, mid-length doc) - Attwenger Adventure (2007, doc, CE'07) - Echte Bauern (2005, mid-length doc) - Von Haider zu Hader (2003, doc short)
Local Artists 2019
Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker
Austria 2019
72 minutes
German / English
Screenplay Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker, Gabriele Schweiger
Cinematography Dieter Schaufler, Robert Hack, Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker
Editing Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker
With Hannes Androsch, Rudi Anschober, Josef Pühringer, Gabi Schweiger, Roland Egger, Mathilde Halla, Friedrich Witzany, Martin Wassermair
Producer(s) Markus Kaiser-Mühlecker
KM Film
World Premiere
World Premiere
Crossing Europe 2019