Artikel 7 - Unser Recht!

Article 7 - Our Right!

Against the background of current Austrian politics, the film reconstructs the history of the Carinthian minority conflict. This documentary focuses on the eventful 1970s, when a young generation of Carinthia‘s Slovenes took up the fight for their rights laid down in Austria's State Treaty of 1955. With Jörg Haider as provincial governor, it is a fight that is still being fought today.

European Panorama 2005
Thomas Korschil, Eva Simmler
Austria / Slovenia 2005
color & black and white
83 minutes
OV with English subtitles
Screenplay Eva Simmler, Thomas Korschil
Cinematography Joerg Burger
Editing Thomas Korschil, Eva Simmler
With Mojca Drcar-Murko, Peter Gstettner, Janko Messner, Mirko Messner, Helga Mracnikar, Maja Sticker, Marjan Sturm, Hellwig Valentin, Rudolf Vouk, Vladimir Wakounig, Angela Wiesner
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